Henry County Bike Club


Upcoming Events:
2018-07-19-Thursday evening road and D&W ride 5:30 p.m.
2018-07-20-Dick and Willie Ride and Dine 9:30 a.m.
2018-07-22-MLT Mountain Bike - 2 p.m.

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Below are the Resgistration and Que Sheet for the Aug 4th, 2018 Tour de Scholar:
Registration Form for 2018 Tour de Scholar
Que Sheets for Tour De Scholar

Presidents Corner:
Riding is picking up and so is the heat! We always remind you to hydrate, but dont forget your sunscreen as well! Protect your skin to avoid any sun damage! Also, mountain bikers and trail runners need to check yourselves for ticks after you activities!

The heat is picking up. If you are interested in hosting a early morning ride on Saturdays or Sundays, let us know! You can always add it to the activity feed also!

Henry County Bike Club (HCBC) is a non-profit organization that started in the state of Virginia in 2008. The purposes of the Henry County Bike Club is to promote friendship, fun and fuel efficient fitness by encouraging the use of bicycles by the citizens of Martinsville, Henry County and the surrounding areas, and to actively support other area organizations in their advocacy of the development of safer streets, trail systems, and bicycle-friendly infrastructure projects for use by all members of the area communities.
Simply put as our motto states, we like to “To ride, have fun, build trails and support our community!”
HCBC offers weekly, monthly, sole and spontaneous rides for riders wanting rails-to-trails, mountain biking or road rides that cater to any and all disciplines! We also have and encourage volunteer opportunities for trail building and working with local organizations by participating in events promoting healthier lifestyles throughout our community and beyond.
We have 2 official meetings a year; A business meeting each winter to elect officers and discuss rides and events we plan to participate in the upcoming year. The second meeting is scheduled at the end of most riders’ seasons’ in early winter to discuss the outcome of the rides and events of the previous year.
HCBC also attends other organizations events for fellowship, education and most importantly to establish new friendships to continue to grow the sport we love.
Welcome to our web and find the ride or volunteer opportunity that awaits you………….

***Activity Log***
This is for spontaneous activities and positive messages not for scheduled rides or events

This activity center will grow and adapt to our clubs needs any comments are welcome.

In the table below enter your name contact info and breif message
NameContact InfoMessage
Mark Gillispie 732-2876Sorry I will not be able to ride tomorrow. For those who do, be safe and have fun. Happy 4th!
Tommy Smith 276-618-03434th of July ride from Stanleytown Food Lion to Ferrum. Start 9 a.m. Easy, fun pace ride!!
Tommy Smith276-618-0343Riding Cedar Ridge at 4:30 p.m. 7-2. Easy pace to break a sweat.
Mark Gillispe276-732-2876Going to do a 20-25 mile road ride from Chain of Fools bike shop. Starting at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Join us. 6-26-18
Mark Gillispe276-732-2876Going to do a 20-25 mile road ride from Chain of Fools bike shop. Starting at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Join us.

Officers and Directors:

President: Tommy Smith -
Vice President: Marti Phillips
Secretary: Linda Rachner
Treasurer and web master:
Andy Lash Andylash57@yahoo.com
Ellen Jesse
Public relations:Jim Frith 276-732-7241
Linda Drage